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Berkshire Youth Guitar Orchestra Auditions

Welcome to the auditions for membership of Berkshire Youth Guitar Orchestra 2018-19

The auditions for BYGO for 2018-19 are now complete. However if you are very keen to still join the guitar orchestra then we would still be pleased to hear from you. We are looking for classical guitarists grade 5 and above, with positive potential for the future. If you think this is you and you would like to ask for a late audition please e-mail to enquire.

Everyone who auditions will be required to:

  1. Perform a short piece of their own choice (of grade 5+ standard)
  2. Perform a prepared duet extract – please click here to download this extract
  3. Perform a sight-reading test

Top Tips (for getting the most out of your audition)

  • Arrive in time for a good warm up (bring spare strings and accessories as needed)
  • Choose a piece which you can play really well and have performed before – the panel want to hear what you can do, not what you can’t, so that you can show off your true potential
  • Remember to realise the music, not just the notes!
  • Take time to thoroughly prepare your solo piece and also practice some sight-reading in advance, so that you don’t panic when you are confronted with some music that is new to you. Good preparation means that you will be less anxious on the day and more able to perform at your best
  • Present yourself and your performance professionally – think about how you will sit, take time to compose yourself before you perform and consider what you might wear
  • You are allowed to make mistakes! It is your overall ability and general musicianship which the panel will assess – so enjoy the performance and take every opportunity to share your own musical ideas

Please register for an audition here

If you have any questions about your audition please e-mail

Good Luck!

Filming: Berkshire Maestros reserves the right to make a video recording of all Academy and County Group auditions. This is because we have different teams of assessors and we need to make sure that marking is consistent.  Moderation is done by the Curricular Head and specialised instrument tutors; they are the only people who will see the videos which will be destroyed once the assessment has concluded.


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